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Grief & Loss

Feelings of grief and loss are natural emotions following the passing of a loved one or close relative, friend, relationship, or pet. Unfortunately there is no standard protocol for dealing with loss and therefore, individuals deal with grief and loss in many different ways. The process of grief is not liner and does not have clearly defined steps through which individuals pass and become complete once more. Grief and loss are characterised by intense feelings of anger, shock, guilt, loss, sadness and sorrow. Depending on the type of loss, the bereaved may participate in denial and bargaining, and may start to develop other health conditions due to ongoing high levels of distress. In some cases grief and loss can cripple individuals to the point that it becomes an intrusion into their lives. The result can be the destruction of an individual’s sense of future and security, producing a burden of emotional and physical pain. Grief can occur as a result of a sudden loss or as a sustained and drawn out process when individuals lose loved ones due to chronic illness over many months, if not years. In the event of sudden loss many family members did not have an opportunity to say good bye, and require the support of a counsellor to resolve unfinished business before they can return to some resemblance of life prior to the passing. It is vital that individuals acknowledge the grief in order to promote a healthy process of working through it. If you are having problems coping with the loss and constant grief and need someone to talk to, or, if you are a family member that requires assistance to provide a positive intervention and assist someone you love, please give us a call. We are here to support you.