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Life Coaching / Couples Coaching

Individual Coaching

Feeling "stuck in a rut" can often leave you feeling powerless making it difficult to make effective decisions and consequently increasing stress levels. Life Coaching can help to unlock repetitive patterns of behaviour and provokes one towards a new level of awareness. Coaches help to find ways to choose thoughts that create new ways of working towards desired goals and aspirations.

Coaching highlights a person's unique potential to maximise on opportunities, skills, attitudes and relationships so that clients can attain what they truly desire. Coaching works in the following ways;


A necessary first step where evaluation of what is working and not working in one's life.


Reviewing through unbiased feedback from your coach.

Inspiration & Solutions:

Discussion, brainstorming, sorting through, eliminating, prioritising and planning.

Support, Structure & Accountability:

Implementation of plans.

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching is a strategic approach to taking your relationship from good to great. In order for things to move forward in your relationship, each individual must take ownership for their part within the partnership. Ideally it's for those that already know change is required but just need the extra support and motivation to do so. If there is hurt or resentment present then Couples Counselling may be a better fit as we journey through the pain. Coaching is a framework that you really do need to be ready for as it will require homework and proactive steps which will propel you toward achieving your goals together.