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Finding it hard to cope with one problem building on another? Do you feel like you are about to burst? Don’t know where to turn for support? Many people understand and have a strong sense of self-awareness surrounding their emotional and psychological situations, however there is a large divide between awareness and action. Many people find that whilst they would like to discuss certain issues they also want to feel safe and have a high level of trust with another person when disclosing their inner most thoughts. Some are in the difficult situation with an abusive partner or feel trapped. Others may require support in discovering “who they are” following a long duty of servitude to rearing children or supporting close members within the family that require constant care.

The good news is that rapid relief and ongoing support is available here. Positive Connections offers a one-on-one support service for men and women that might be transitioning through a difficult period in life. From time to time everyone may require someone with whom they can discuss issues affecting them, their partner or family and loved ones. Issues that may be affecting you that you might like to seeks support for:

1. Anger and Emotional concerns

2. Thoughts of Suicide or Entrapment

3. Family breakdown, including isolation following a divorce

4. Being a Mother

5. Just someone to talk to

6. Dealing with terminal illness

7. Employment matters

8. Assault of family members or friends

9. Additions

10. Sexuality

Supporting a loved one through a difficult time, such as depression.  For both men and women, it can be a difficult first step, however, once you pick up the phone and make an appointment you will have already made a positive change in your life. Our organisation has assisted and supported many men and women to find a new way of living.

If you are currently experiencing concerns within your family, are undergoing a transition or lack direction, please call us on 0418 105 574 for a confidential discussion.